Ethical behaviour and conduct is critical to the way Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge Ltd [UEC] conducts its programs and events and is critical for maintaining its esteemed reputation as providing meaningful entrepreneurial experiences for secondary school aged participants.


UEC Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge Ltd
The Program Programs delivered by Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge
Upstart Representative Upstart contractors and directors
Mentor Volunteer mentors working directly with participants
Participants Secondary school age students entering the program, attending events and, or mentor sessions

The Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge Programs relies upon the input of volunteer mentors to share their expertise and experience, working directly with participating teams.

All Upstart representatives and mentors are required to read, understand and sign this code of conduct indicating that they agree to act in accordance with the entirety of its contents. Any person who does not meet the standards in this code may be subject to termination of contract or services as a volunteer.

  • Commitment to the Upstart mission, vision and culture
  • Compliance with Australian legislation – All representatives and mentors are expected to abide by Australian laws and not take any action in violation of local, state or national legislation.
  • Compliance with Upstart policies – All representatives and mentors agree to comply with Upstart policies as appropriate to their role. These policies include:
    1. Privacy Policy
    2. Child Safety and Protection Policy
    3. Conditions of Use Policy.


UEC is committed to the safety of all persons involved in its programs and activities. All representatives and mentors shall be vetted at time of registration; a requirement of this process is to hold a current Australian Working with Children card which is required to be sighted by an Upstart representative.

  1. As a representative or mentor you agree that you will comply with the Policy and will not verbally or physically abuse, intimidate or otherwise harm any person involved with Upstart.
  2. You agree that you will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants, fellow mentors and representatives which includes but is not limited to you agreeing you will:
    1. Care for participants in a safe and responsible manner at all times, and in accordance with the instructions and training provided by Upstart.
    2. Role model positive language and behaviours.
    3. Establish and maintain appropriate boundaries with young people, especially being mindful of boundaries surrounding physical contact.
    4. UEC will provide a safe environment in which to mentor participants, ensuring that you are in public view. When working with a participant you will ensure that you maintain an open door in the public view and are never in a closed room on your own with a participant.
    5. Notify an Upstart representative if you are encountering inappropriate behaviours and/or attitudes from participants or fellow mentors /volunteers.
    6. Immediately notify an Upstart representative if a young person discloses information indicating they think they may be at risk of harm, abuse or neglect.
    7. Not take photos or video footage of participants without written student and parental permission obtained via Upstart representatives and will only take photos in common areas. A copy of any photos/footage must be provided to Upstart officials upon request.
    8. Not use inappropriate language in the presence of participants.
    9. Not give out any of your personal contact details including address or phone number to participants.
    10. Not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or take illegal drugs in the presence of, nor provide these to participants.
    11. Not provide participants or other adults with medication including over-thecounter medications such as Panadol.
    12. Not physically, sexually, emotionally abuse or neglect a participant.
    13. Not attend an Upstart program event if you are unwell with a communicable illness such as the flu, or have been in contact with chicken pox, measles or shingles within a three-week period prior to the date of the program. If the relevant Upstart representative ascertains that a volunteer’s health poses a risk to any member(s) of the Upstart program, they may be asked to leave.
  3. You agree to treat all persons involved with UEC with respect, fair treatment and not to engage in any type of discriminatory behaviour against another person whilst representing Upstart.
  4. You agree to act honestly and with integrity at all times when representing Upstart.

I have read, understood and agree to comply with this Code of Conduct. I understand that failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from the Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge program and/or possible termination of my services/contract.