Q. Where is the G21 Region?2018-04-06T08:02:46+10:00

A. G21 region comprises of Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe, Surf Coast, Golden Plains and Colac Otway

Q. How will students and staff get to the workshop and mentor sessions?2018-04-06T08:01:49+10:00

A. The Upstart team is not able to provide transport to the venue; this is the responsibility of the participating students / staff members. If school transport is available, then the school can make arrangements accordingly.

Q. What about Privacy and Safety?2018-04-06T08:00:49+10:00

A. All volunteer mentors provide their current Working with Children Check and are vetted by the Upstart Team prior to acceptance as an Upstart mentor. Our child Safety and Protection and Privacy policies are available on the website.

Q. Will I get feedback on my idea?2018-04-06T07:59:11+10:00

A. Yes, judges will provide feedback on request. Requests and feedback will be managed through via email: info@upstartchallenge.com.au

Q. Who can be in my team?2018-04-06T07:57:45+10:00

A. Any student in Years 7 – 12, or staff members from any school in the G21 region. Teams must be made up of two (2) or three (3) people. Teams can be comprised of teachers, students or a mix of both.

Q. Do I need to have my own team?2018-04-06T07:56:49+10:00

A. No; you will have the opportunity to meet potential team members at the workshops and form or join a team.

Q. Are the workshop sessions compulsory?2018-04-06T07:54:46+10:00

A. No, they’re not compulsory; any team from the G21 region is eligible to enter the Big Ideas Challenge regardless of attendance at workshops, however, we believe the sessions will greatly benefit attendees and assist teams in submitting quality entries.

Q. Are the mentor sessions compulsory?2018-04-06T07:56:02+10:00

A. No, they’re not compulsory. Our team of mentors have kindly volunteered their time to assist participants with any questions or support they need prior to entering the Big Ideas Challenge and prior to presenting their ideas at The Pitching Showdown – Business / Industry Dinner.

Q. How many prizes are there?2018-04-06T07:37:39+10:00

A. There are a total of 12 prizes of $300 per team in the Big Ideas Challenge and one first place prize of $1000 per team in the Pitching Showdown Competition as well as technology prizes, a runner’s up prize of $500 per team and a People’s Choice award of $300 per team.

Q. How can I protect the confidentiality of my Big Idea?2018-04-06T07:17:33+10:00

A. While every effort will be made to preserve the confidentiality of each submission, it is suggested that highly sensitive material be excluded from the entry if a team is concerned about the confidentiality of such material.

The only individuals who will have access to the materials you submit (other than Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge administration staff) will be the judges assigned to review your Big Idea and hear your subsequent pitch, should you be selected.

These judges regularly deal with confidential information in the course of their work. We ask them to treat your work with the same care and respect for confidentiality. We also ask them to remove themselves from judging your Big Idea if they do have a real conflict of interest. Feel free to mark your materials as “confidential”.

Note that a short description of your idea may be used in public documentation relating to the competition, this will be a simple description only.

Note, however, that should you make it through to the Pitching Showdown, teams will be making final presentations to an open audience.

All reasonable measures to ensure the protection of intellectual property introduced and associated with the Competition will be taken.

Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge and the organisers of the Big Ideas competition, Pitching Showdown and Upstart Challenge cannot take further responsibility to protect the intellectual property or other rights of the contestants. Protection of such rights is ultimately the responsibility of each Contestant.

If you are in doubt or have any concerns regarding this, please speak to a member of the Upstart team at info@upstartchallenge.com.au and we shall endeavour to allay any concerns.

Q. Can I enter on my own?2018-04-06T06:55:44+10:00

A. A key element of the Upstart Challenge is collaboration. The best ideas come from a shared approach. Most people do not have all the resources and skills needed to put a winning idea together. Upstart will provide you with opportunities to meet like-minded people at our events where you can join or form a team.

Q. Can I get help from family and friends?2018-04-06T06:51:33+10:00

A. Absolutely, we all need help at times and Upstart will help you to make additional connections in the business world. Just ensure that your team is doing the creative part and that your entry is original work done by your team.

Q. Can our team have more than three (3) people in it?2018-04-06T06:50:23+10:00

A. Only three (3) people can be named on your team. However, as all good entrepreneurs know, extra assistance can be sought, and extra resources pulled in. However, if nominated, only three people per team will be eligible to present at the Pitching Showdown and eligible for prizes. Additional team members may be able to participate in the mentoring and workshops.

Q. Can we have the school ICT Technician join our team?2018-04-06T06:49:17+10:00

A. Yes, teams can consist of a combination of students and staff; this applies to all
school staff, not just teaching staff

Q. Can our team be made up of students from different schools?2018-04-06T08:04:36+10:00

A. Yes, you can join up with mates from any other Australian school, as long as the lead
applicant is a student at a school within the G21 region.

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