Remember the question we were all asked at school?

‘What job would you like to do when you leave school?’

I’ll take a guess that none of you responded with a Drone Operator, a Bitcoin Trader or how about a Social Media Influencer?

These may have sounded far-fetched at best back then, but these are now amongst many new career options, and they’re on the rise.
We’ve all read the reports that the jobs many of our school students will end up doing have not yet been invented.

So how do we best prepare our children to succeed in this ever-changing environment?

Equip them with an entrepreneurial thinking skillset –

  • To be innovative problem solvers

  • To use critical and creative thinking skills

  • Be adaptable to change

  • Know how to work collaboratively and get the best out of their team mates

  • Be awesome communicators


The Upstart Challenge provides secondary school students with a unique, real world opportunity to work alongside business mentors as they create their startup, either commercial or social impact.Using the lean startup methodology, students test their ideas and assumptions through a series of practical experiments.They learn that it’s ok to fail, assess the cause and learning and have another go.

As parents, we know that failure is simply a necessary part of life, it’s what you do next that’s important. Building resilience in our children is vital for them to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Upstart students discover that being a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy, in fact it takes a lot of persistence and grit, traits that are highly desirable by employers across all industries and developed throughout the Upstart program.

Help your childbuild their entrepreneurial skills and encourage more informed decisions about their employment future. Your child will also be building valuable networks, a sense of achievement along with confidence and optimism in their future.

Upstart brings together students, educators and business to create exciting new opportunities. Enrol your child today and get ready to be talking all things entrepreneurs and innovation,  it’s infectious!