Do you like hands-on designing, creating and testing? Do you like investigating and problem solving?

If so, the Upstart Tech Club is an opportunity for you to use cutting-edge technologies at the Geelong Tech School, to workshop your ideas in a fun and relaxed space. As local leaders in entrepreneurship education, Upstart utilises and encourages design thinking to mentor and empower young people.

Using our tried and tested methods, students will follow design thinking methodologies to identify problems and design customer-focused solutions that answer them. Students will use Geelong Tech School’s resources to experiment with cutting edge technologies, build prototypes and will showcase their ideas to parents, teachers and industry networks.

Come and join us to experience design, leading your own project, or ‘tinkering’ with your concept.

WHEN: Wednesdays, 4:00-5:30pm

COMMENCING: 29th July 2020 for 6 weeks

WHERE: Geelong Tech School.

COST: It’s free for secondary students!

Register your interest here.