The Upstart Challenge Program

I got involved in the Upstart Challenge through another small business course mentor who prompted me to enter.

The business I pitched for Upstart was my first business and I’m looking to launch others and trying to come up with new ideas constantly.

I learnt how to plan a new business idea as well as get things off the ground and a deliver a pitch. I also learnt how to work hard on multiple projects as I was in my final year of school and had studies to manage at the same time.

The problem I identified was people struggle to be unique and express themselves through their clothes and the solution is we provide vintage clothes that are one of a kind or limited edition to save people time by having them all in one place.

The skills I learnt can translate to any business I pursue in the future and me to develop and scale my current business.

The highlights from my time at Upstart were the community and network I’ve gained and how supportive they are. Another highlight was stepping out of my comfort zone by pitching to such a large audience, just doing it felt like a massive accomplishment and allowed me to grow personally.

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