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Our flagship program. The Upstart Challenge is our entrepreneurial ideas challenge, accelerator and mentoring program for secondary school students. With our partners’ support, entry to this program is free of charge for students, to encourage and inspire them all to have a go, to develop critical thinking skills and connections, and to discover their inner changemaker.

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The Upstart Challenge delivers entrepreneurial skills such as creative and critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork, and provides an alternative pathway for students seeking to startup their own business.

The Upstart Challenge experience enables students to identify and solve problems in whichever area their interests lie. Through the guided competition entry process students are challenged to evidence their thoughts and opinions, and importantly, to focus on the user or customer throughout the process of discovery and design.

Through optional highly engaging workshops and mentoring sessions, students learn more and connect with the local business community, gaining experience in sharing ideas and receiving feedback.

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