We recently caught up with 2019 Upstart Challenge finalist Bowen Prosser (Belmont High School) to discover what he’s been up to since last year. His 2019 idea TourSafe is a solution to support international drivers when they arrive in Australia and decrease their accident rate.

Where are you now?

I’m currently just working on setting up business ideas for the future and getting through year 12 so I can fully commit to working on them as soon as school’s out and I have time to do so.

How has being involved with Upstart helped you?

Being involved with Upstart has introduced me to a variety of people who I’ve learnt a lot from, as well as stress-testing viability of business ideas rigourously and making sure everything is planned and thought through.

What does your ideal career look like?

My ideal career looks like just doing whatever I really want and getting paid for it!

Are you a Pioneer, has your Big Idea been executed by you or someone else?

I’m a pioneer and plan to execute this and my other big ideas.

Have you had any Side Hustles?

I have only had ideas of side hustles that I could implement later, as I’ve been too busy with year 12 to work on any currently.