Since launching in 2012, over 1203 students have participated in the Upstart Challenge, 22 schools have been involved and over 380 innovative Big Ideas have been submitted!

We’re proud of our past participants and their achievements, and we’re excited to see where their journey takes them! We caught up with Seth to ask where he is now and how participating in the Upstart Challenge helped him get there…


Hi Seth! Please introduce yourself to our readers… 
Hi, I’m Seth Constable, I participated in the Upstart Challenge of the year 2016, when I was enrolled at Saint Ignatius College Drysdale, during my year 10 education level.

Where are you now? 
I am currently in my second year out of high school, studying as a trainee working for Geelong High School as an Information Technology Technician.

How has being involved with the Upstart Challenge helped you get there?
Being involved with the Upstart Challenge helped me develop some great key skills and knowledge that was required for critical thinking and creativity, while also helping me develop public speaking skills and pushing through the inevitable nerves a young person feels speaking in such an environment. Taking part has given me the business confidence that I have today.

What was your original Upstart Challenge idea?
My Upstart Challenge idea was a Drone Security System called: Drone Sentinel. I have unfortunately not developed it any further, but have discovered an Australian-based company that have more than similarly progressed an idea with the same premise.

What does your ideal career look like?
My current ideal career looks like a job within the cyber security industry, preferably something with the Federal Police. While working on any entrepreneurial opportunities, may this be in security, coding, drones, cyber or information technology, as I am interested in the business side of these areas as much as the main content. I then plan to then go and study astronomy and astrophysics at a later date when I am sitting comfortably in life.

What skills are necessary for your dream job?
Critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity are some major soft skills necessary. Hard skills is the ability to work in different situations that aren’t planned or that you’re not comfortable with, which entrepreneurs struggle with more often than not.
Social skills and public speaking are definitely another skill that is necessary, as within the cyber security industry, 50% of cyber related issues require or can be solved through the social aspect of life and social interaction on a casual and professional stand point, which Upstart helped me start to develop at a young age.

What did you enjoy most about taking part in the Upstart Challenge?
The creativity and getting involved in an entrepreneurial scene was the part I enjoyed the most, this is because it was something I was always intrigued by, and the prospect of business professionalism with technology was an interest I have had for many years.

What advice or words of wisdom would you share with students looking to take part in the Upstart Challenge this year?
Give it a go, don’t be afraid to put forward your own creativity or interests, because there can always be a possibility for markets in something you enjoy, think to the future and grasp something that isn’t there but needs to be.

Thanks Seth! You can connect with Seth via LinkedIn.