Sponsor profile of our awesome Sponsor, St Joseph’s College Foundation. They’ve been involved with the Upstart Challenge since we began in 2012!

• St Joseph College Foundation first launched the Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge in 2012, a new initiative aimed at building an entrepreneurial culture within St Joseph’s College and fostering strong relationships between students, educators, industry and the community within the Geelong region.

• It has given our students the ability to think outside the classroom and make connections with local businesses and industry. At the same time, Upstart participants have been inspiring role models to our younger year levels, encouraging them to have a go and take a risk.

  • We are always amazed with the diversity and creativity of our student’s ideas, including the health-alert wrist ban, the talking bin, the gravity feed power generator, the modular robot and the programmable drone designed to carry advertising, just to name a few.
  • Our medium/long term role as a Foundation is to support the College and its students in fostering talents, looking at alternative pathways and harnessing innovative thinking.

• We challenge our students to take part in a program that has a real world connection whereby they will have the opportunity to develop their skills in technology, collaboration, presentation, investigation and communication.